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Flag Presentation
Friday, September 12, 2014 
We were honored yesterday on the anniversary of the events of 9-11 to have been the recipient of a special honor. SPC Michael Horn of the Kentucky Army National Guard, member of the 149th VCC stationed at Camp Phoenix Kabul, Afghanistan, presented the Department with a flag that was flown at the base in Afghanistan on September 11, 2013, and dedicated to Montgomery County Fire/EMS as a statement of gratitude for services performed on behalf of the citizens of Montgomery County. To say we were humbled would be an understatement and our hearts will always be with those putting themselves in harm's way while protecting this great country.

1st Annual Tony Clayton Memorial Fire Prevention Run/Walk
Tuesday, September 30, 2014 
Montgomery Co. Fire/EMS, along with Kentucky One Health, Mt. Sterling-Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, Mt. Sterling-Montgomery Co. Tourism, Montgomery Co. Health Dept., and the Downtown Athletic Club, invite you to attend our Tony Clayton Memorial Fire Prevention Run/Walk on Saturday October 25th at 11am.  The starting point will be at the Downtown Athletic Club parking lot where we will have a Health Fair set up along with inflatables for the kids and some good food.  The first 100 entrants who bring a donation of canned food will receive a goody bag (includes a t-shirt and other local goods).  All donated food items will be given to M & M Food pantry to help support their great efforts at reducing hunger locally.  We may also have information and possibly a representative from Pinky's Promise, a local charity that helps people who have been diagnosed with cancer.  Please come out and join in on the fun and activities, as well as participate in the health screenings. 

Members News
Monday, July 28, 2014 
Flashover Training

Saturday August 9th


Station 6

Fire on Country Meadows Drive
Thursday, July 10, 2014 
Here is a pic of a recent structure fire on Country Meadows Drive in Mt. Sterling.

Application Period Closed
Monday, July 7, 2014 
The application period for the part time EMT positions has closed.  We want to thank everyone for the excellent response.

Firefightters Fundraising for Cancer Victims
Wednesday, June 11, 2014 
Seen here are some of our members and Local 4809 presenting a check for $2117.00 to Ky CancerLink to aid in their mission to help Ky. victims of cancer. The donation monies were raised through the sale of our breast cancer awareness t-shirts and from other local fundraisers. 

Citizens Fire Academy Students Get Hands On Training
Wednesday, June 11, 2014 
These are some of the types of activities that our local citizens get to experience when they sign up to be students in our Citizens Fire Academy.  This is our second class and we expect further growth as we attempt to do 2 of these experiences each year.  For more information send an email to webmaster@mcfdems.com or stop by the administrative offices at Station 2, 805 Indian Mound Drive, in Mt. Sterling, Ky. 

Now Hiring Part-Time EMT's
Monday, June 2, 2014 
Now accepting applications for part time EMT's.  In addition to the current hiring process, we are now accepting applications for part-time EMT's. Applications may be picked up in the office at 805 Indian Mound Drive, Mt. Sterling between the hours of 8am-4pm. These will be competitively paid positions and more information can be made available by emailing webmaster@mcfdems.com.

Written Test Scheduled
Friday, April 11, 2014 
The written test has been scheduled for Saturday May 3 at 10:00am, Station 6 at 225 Oak Grove Drive.  The letter that each candidate received has an incorrect date (May 2) written on it.  If you have any questions please let us know by email at webmaster@mcfdems.com or by phone at (859) 498-1318.

Local Family Saved by Smoke Detectors
Friday, March 28, 2014 

It is 2am in the morning and the family is sleeping snuggly in their beds, unaware of the soon to be dangers that awaited them.  This story could have ended in tragedy but fortunately these homeowners had taken the proper steps beforehand.  On March 26 at 2am one of our local families was awakened to the sound of smoke detectors blaring throughout the home.  When they arose from their beds to their surprise the home was on fire.  Luckily for them they were able to get out of the home quickly and call for help.  The home was severely damaged but the family was alive and well. 

Here is the back side of the story.  Two years ago our crews canvassed the very neighborhood where this home was located asking if anyone needed smoke detectors and then installing them in the homes that were in need.  This very home had detectors installed by our crews and luckily for them on this night they did the job that they were intended to do and we could not be more grateful.  When you hear the words “smoke detectors save lives”, understand that this is not a slogan to sell an item, it is actually the truth.  Without those detectors blaring in the night one of our local families may not have made it out of that home and that is sadness that none of us ever wants to go through. 

Please install detectors where needed and maintain them yearly with fresh batteries.  You are twice as likely to die in a home without them and even more likely in homes that have detectors that are not working.  Test your smoke alarms monthly and know that your small amount of effort will provide a great amount of safety for you and your family.  If you don’t believe us, ask the owner of the home above how good smoke detectors are. Montgomery County Fire Department provided him with the smoke detectors for this home but the homeowner was responsible enough to maintain them in good working order.

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